Turnitin Artikel Worldview and the Construction of Economics

Hafas Furqani, 2025068001 (2020) Turnitin Artikel Worldview and the Construction of Economics. UIN Ar-Raniry, Banda Aceh. (Unpublished)

Text (Turnitin Artikel Worldview and the Construction of Economics)
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Economics as a system of thought and body of knowledge is constructed
based on certain philosophical foundations derived from a particular worldview.
The term worldview, which originated from the German Weltanschauung
(composed of Welt, ‘world’, and Anschauung, ‘view’ or ‘outlook’) refers to
a world perception, or the concept and framework of ideas through which
human interprets the human life and world. The term worldview, in general,
refers to belief, doctrine, perspective and values in the sense that it supplies
views, assumptions and images of how to perceive things. The worldview
which is the perspective in understanding the existence and realities decorates
also fundamental in supporting the development of a science and its progress.
Mainstream economics is developed from the foundation of Secular Worldview
which is characterized as materialist (excluding the metaphysics), reductionist
(reducing the epistemological basis on positivism with atomistic perspective) and
individualist (isolating individual from society). Islamic economics, on the other
hand, is developed on the basis of Islamic worldview. The Islamic worldview is
claimed to be more comprehensive, integrative and holistic in nature. This would
make Islamic economics having a potential to answer the shortcoming found
in conventional economics. The paper would explore the nature of worldview
in Secular and Islamic tradition and its implications in developing discipline
of economics and Islamic economics. The paper also seeks to develop some
foundations for Islamic economics to be a distinct discipline.

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