A Narrative Approach on Motivation and Identity Development of ESL Students

Dian Afrina, 160203008 (2020) A Narrative Approach on Motivation and Identity Development of ESL Students. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Ar-Raniry.

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The purpose of this study are to determine the motivation of students in learning English and how students deal with difficulties in learning English, especially speaking skills. The data collection process was carried out by interviewing 30 students of the English Language Department of UIN Ar-Raniry who were the EDSA cabinet for two periods by using 10 questions. The findings explain that the motivation of speakers in learning English, especially speaking skill are that students want to speak with native speakers, study abroad, easily find work and achieve high Grade Point Average (GPA) score. The majority of speakers gave a positive response (93.3%) in motivating themselves in learning English. Furthermore, the speaker applies the following strategies to overcome the difficulties of speaking such as watching films, listening to songs, taking a note, practicing with partner or mirror and using brainstorming.

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Subjects: 100 Philosophy and Psychology > 120 Epistemology, Causation, Humankind (Epistemologi, Hukum Sebab Akibat, Kemanusiaan)
100 Philosophy and Psychology > 150 Psychology (Psikologi/Ilmu Jiwa)
400 Languages (Bahasa)
Divisions: Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan > S1 Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
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Date Deposited: 09 Sep 2020 01:56
Last Modified: 09 Sep 2020 01:56
URI: https://repository.ar-raniry.ac.id/id/eprint/13826

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