Faith and Love Courage Human Faithful Heart in Api Tauhid A Novel by Habiburrahman El-Sirazi

Muhammad Nasir, 2013016602 (2016) Faith and Love Courage Human Faithful Heart in Api Tauhid A Novel by Habiburrahman El-Sirazi. In: 6th International Conference on Local Knowledge (ICLK) 2016, 27-28 July 2016, ST Giles Wembley Pulau Pinang Malaysia.

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The importance of faith for a person is not only to gain for the heaven and avoid the hell, but rather to establish the religion of Allah, although it must be fought against various trials and challenges. So it is with love, because love is the gift from God given to His slave, even the love was burning like the fire. Here is how writer would describe in this paper about a synergy between faith for God and love for God that can be run hand in hand
Then, if faith here meant the determination of a man who has the knowledge, especially religious knowledge because by this knowledge a man will be able to control his emotions and the slander spread by others.
Therefore, the writer used a religious perspective in assessing the synergy between love and faith, as portrayed El-Sirazy in his great work.
Based on this study, the writer found that human love towards God made him to live a life increasingly tough not only in the world but also in the hereafter. While the human love for his or her opposite sex even because of God only able to create the peace in the world.
It is like the sides of a coin that cannot be separated from each other because of strong fastener chain of love and sense of belonging to one another or to the Creator. This means that the courage of a man against his loved one is almost the same as the firmness of his faith for his God.

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