The Development of Tauhid-Tasawuf in the Archipelago of Samudera Pasai

Saifullah Isri, 198211242009121005 (2016) The Development of Tauhid-Tasawuf in the Archipelago of Samudera Pasai. Proceeding s Aricis Ar-Raniry International Conference on Islamic Studies (1).

Text (The Development of Tauhid-Tasawuf in the Archipelago of Samudera Pasai)
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Discussing on the development of tauhid-tasawuf in the archipelago certainly will not be separated from the Islamisation review of scientific treasury of Indonesia itself, because most spread of Islam in the archipelago is sufis’ merit. The spread of the tauhid-tasawuf teachings in Indonesia is closely associated with the kingdom of Samudera Pasai, because Samudera Pasai was an Islamic center of the archipelago which then continued to grow into a center of Islamic studies in Southeast Asia. A peak of tauhid-tasawuf development in Samudera Pasai-Aceh was in the 16th century and 17 M. The teaching and application of the values of Sufism or tauhid did not only grow among the people, but also in the officials’ palace. Many great scholars of the world, especially from the Arab peninsula came in the archipelago to Samudera Pasai, they are Hamzah Fansuri Aceh, Shamsuddin As-Sumatrani, Nuruddin Ar-Raniry and Syeick Abdurrauf As-Singkili. In this article, we try to assess and examine; 1) How were the nature and foundations of the tauhid-tasawuf perspective in the Quran. 2) How did the process of tauhid-tasawuf come in the archipelago? And 3) How was the development of Tauhid-Tasawuf in Indonesia? The results of the study can be concluded that 1) Sufism has a meaning that is very varied, but in conclusion, tasawuf is a group of people who purifies heart and soul for God. 2) The process in which tauhid-tasawuf in the archipelago, namely through the Samudera Pasai-Aceh led by Hamzah Shamsuddin Fansuri and As-Sumatrani in the 17th century AD and 3) The development of tauhid-tasawuf in Indonesia was very well-known even could come into the Palace where kingdom muftis in 16-17 century AD always were assisted by Sufis in taking decision and policies for the benefit of the people.

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