The Ritual of Farming in Indonesia (An Ethnographic Study in The Aneuk jamee Community in South Aceh-Sumatra)

Abdul Manan, 2021067201 (2016) The Ritual of Farming in Indonesia (An Ethnographic Study in The Aneuk jamee Community in South Aceh-Sumatra). "PROCEEDING: DRUGSTECH". ISSN 2528-3340

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Farming is one of the main sources of income for the Aneuk Jamee. There is a well-known expression that “the main source of income is farming and the main ruler of the land is a king”. This expression can be interpreted that farming affects all livelihood. Another expression says “rich by having gold is incomplete, rich by having unhusked rice is complete”. In other words, wealth is valued in farms and rice, not in gold. This article discusses the contemporary adat relating to “ the feast ritual for farms” in the villages in West Labuhan Haji, South Acèh which may have been forgotten or will be forgotten due to development and technological advances as well as the mobility of human beings. It pays particular attention to the ways the villagers conceive rice and how it is presented in Blangporoh village. Other neighboring villages, however, are also taken into consideration when necessary to complete this discussion. This research is a field research and its data were obtained through meticulous observation and in depth interview with key informants. The result of the research shows that it rice is seen as a metaphorical human child because the farmers believe that rice has the same origin as humans, that it comes from the myth of the sacrificed daughter of Adam and Eve which has become a divine template and an integral part of the culture of the Aneuk Jemee Tribe in Blangporoh village. The farmers apply various adat to improve the harvest; to get rid of pests, and they observe taboos from the planting until the rice enters the granary, preserving its vital force so that stomachs can be filled with its nourishing power. This also portrays an ideal image of the communities.

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