Local Wisdom as a Philosophical Life of Acehnese Society Through Hadih Maja:An Analysis of Hadih Maja Text

Saman, Muhammad Nasir (2015) Local Wisdom as a Philosophical Life of Acehnese Society Through Hadih Maja:An Analysis of Hadih Maja Text. In: Strengthening Local Knowledge toward Globalization Issues and Practice. -, - (-). University Sains malaysia, Pulau Pinang Malaysia, pp. 61-74. ISBN 978-979-3717-79-1

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This paper would like to see on Oral Acehnese Literature used as local wisdom which is beginning to be forgotten today, called hadih maja. Hadih maja or narit maja is a saying or a proverb in the lives of the people of Aceh which is used as an advice, a warning, an explanation or a subtle innuendo to be used as guidelines in conducting activity in this world and the life hereafter. Hadih maja is also the traditional oral literature (traditional Sayings) are thought to have existed since ancient times and used for various purposes in Acehnese sosial life. This tradition of oral literature is not created if it does not have a specific function in society. It is evident that with the phrase hadih maja showed that the Acehnese people in their daily life often uses tradition, in order to control people's behavior, especially the younger generation to inherit the values of life that are positive, educated and have a variety of other functions. Today, it is very important to be able to maintain the old tradition; especially for the younger generation. Now, it seems already started to be cool on this expression and the oral tradition as a result of the impact of technology and globalization. Therefore, the writer tries look at how to save the treasures of this oral literature in order to be used and promoted by the next younger generation of Aceh. Thus, the privilege of Aceh province about customs and culture will continue to exist and are known, not only by the local community but also by the world community globally. Expressions through hadih maja have become icons and symbols in public life almost in every line of Acehnese culture. By using hadih maja as an intermediate language, such as a compliment, jokes and blasphemy, which is using a series of short sentences. However, the meaning of which contain a very dense images that are very deep in meaning and difficult to understand. Hopefully, this kind of study will make an Aceh oral tradition always exist and are known worldwide.

Key words: Local Wisdom, Hadih Maja, Philosophical Life, Oral Tradition Texts.

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